Megan's Story

Volunteer Case Study - Megan

My interest in the Pahar trust started with my grandad, Dick Fuller, who was a great friend of the founders of the trust Tom Langridge and Chandra Gurung. I remember Grandad telling stories about Nepal and the trust's work as he had many trips to Nepal and helped to build some of the first schools. My ambition to go to Nepal and volunteer with PTN was ignited by his stories.

Everyone at PTN was so lovely and welcoming and I can say the exact same thing in the village of Shyampokhari who made me feel like I was part of their family. Teaching the children was a true test of my knowledge and communication skills. I was truly amazed at how eager the children were to learn, a type of motivation and ambition you definitely wouldn't find in the UK. They all put so much effort and enthusiasm into. communicating in English with me. They were also very proud to show me the village, their families and their homes.

"Everyone at PTN was so lovely and welcoming."

I cannot thank the teachers enough for being so kind. When I wasn't teaching they organised things to do and welcomed me into their homes. I really do miss the village and all the wonderful children who wanted to come to my room to play with me, forcing me to dance in front of all the school and especially them trying to copy my British accent. One thing I hope the children will not forget is learning the game of Hangman which I taught them, every lesson they would say "Miss Hangman" "Please Miss" which filled me with joy.

Finally, I would to say a massive thanks to the Pahar Trust, as an 18-year-old and this being my first solo trip 16 hours away from home, everyone I met in Nepal was so polite and friendly and I could not have felt safer and I truly saw why my grandad loved Nepal so much. My trip was more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined and I will definitely be returning to Nepal and back to Shyampokhari. 

"...and I could not have felt safer and I truly saw why my grandad loved Nepal so much."