Shree Phalamkhani Basic School

Shree Phalamkhani Basic School, Parbat

Funder: British and Foreign School Society

During the devastating earthquake in 2015 the school at Phalamkhani, Parbat was damaged making it unsafe. Students were being taught in the remaining school buildings in cramped conditions and often in shifts due to the lack of space. The school is located a 30-minute walk from the nearest road and has 120 students currently enrolled.  

The school committee requested that we supported them to build a replacement building to provide a safe, spacious and comfortable learning environment for their students and following a site visit and assessment a new 3-room building was designed to provide teaching space for up to 72 students. The total cost of the project £33,355 (including community contribution) and was funded through a generous grant fromThe British and Foreign School Society. As the beneficiary community of Phalamkhani is particularly deprived it was agreed that their contribution to the construction costs would be reduced to 15% to ensure that they were able to support the project.

The construction of the school was supported fully by the community which meant that despite heavy rain and the access road washing away the project was still delivered according to the construction plan. By working with local residents to deliver some of the work we were also able to provide wages, skills and employment to people during the build. The project has also facilitated the development of a partnership with the local government and the newly elected president of the rural municipality who has offered to provide support to the sustainability of the school. The municipality are also planning to create new employment in the village in order to improve the livelihoods of the community and we will continue to work with them to facilities this.

Although the school was only completed in June 2018 the positive impacts of the new building can be seen even before the first lesson took place. The school has seen an increase in attendance records for students and teachers along with improved attainment levels in grade 8 exams. We will continue to work with the school to develop the skills of the teachers to continue to improve the quality of education provided at the school. As well as providing much improved education facilities the wider community has also befitted from the new building and the village women's group and local youth club have been able to use the building to meet during school holidays and at weekends.