Shree Janakalyan Secondary School

Shree Janakalyan Secondary School

Total ProjectCost: £68,375 (including community contribution of £12,089)

Main Funders: IOM Government, International Development Grant and Madi Rural Municipality,Nepal

Pahar TrustNepal successfully secured funding through an Isle Of Man, InternationalDevelopment Grant to undertake the construction of a new, 6-room school at Shree Janakalyan Secondary School, Makaikhola. The village is located c15km North East from Pokhara in the Madi Rural Municipality. The population of the village is 3,350 with 80% of people working in agriculture.

The school has 194 students from Pre-primary to Grade 12. The existing school buildings were very old, structurally unsafe and not conducive to providing quality education.

During the development of the project, PTN was approached by the Chairman of Madi Rural Municipality, who proposed additional funding of 3,232,193 NRs (£23,000) to the project in order to build an additional 4 rooms within the new school. It was therefore agreed that a new, 10-room school would be built between both funds.

The match funding from Madi Rural Municipality is the first time that PTN has received this level of direct financial contribution to the capital costs of a project. It is a demonstration of the respect held for the work of PTN in the area and the increase in local decision making and funding through the federalisation of Nepal.

Construction began in early 2020 and, unfortunately were delayed due to COVID-19. In agreement with the local authorities’ work was able to progress during the national lockdown but with a reduced construction team. This slowed construction and required works to continue into the monsoon season. Unfortunately, the building was hit by a landslide in August 2020 following very heavy rains. Thankfully, no one was on site at the time and only minor damage was caused. However, a new retaining wall was required to ensure that the building would be safe in the future and this was supported by the local community and IOM Government.

Despite the challenges faced during the construction of this school we are delighted that the works are now entering the finishing stages and will be soon handed over to the local community.

Damage caused by landslide - August 2020
New retaining wall under construction

Shree Janakalyan Sec. School - finishing stages