Shree Bhakti Namuna

This month has seen the completion of the construction of our new £24,000 Deaf hostel in Bhoteodar, Lamjung District.

Shree Bhakti Namuna is a dedicated Deaf school and hostel located on the same site as a recently built, mainstream secondary school. It currently has 32 students ranging from age 6-13, with a 50:50 ratio of boys and girls. Given the distance that some of them have to travel, the hostel provides much-needed accommodation.

The project has seen the construction of a new single-storey building, just a short walk from the school to provide improved accommodation for up to 32 students, along with a new kitchen, dining room and toilet facilities. The accommodation also includes a room for the teachers to stay in.

We are very grateful to the group of UK volunteers from the Deaf Expedition Nepal 2018, who raised over £20k towards the project. PTN also received an additional £2,500 from the St James’s Place Charitable Foundation, with the remaining gap being covered by PTN funds allocated for the support of projects with a disability focus.

The rooms before

Work in progress
Works in progress