Phalamkhani School Opening

On 25th November, trustee Dr Tim Mitchel travelled to Phalamkhani with a group form the UK to officially open the new school. Phalamkhani is a very remote village located in the Parbat District at an elevation of around 2200m. The name of the village translates to mean 'Iron Mine' as the mountain it is built on is a rich source of iron ore and was actively mined for many years. The new 3-room building will provide a new Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility for the school and was generously funded by the British and Foreign School Society.

The group received a very warm reception with dancing, singing and gifts of iron ore. Students at the school also received new sweatshirts to keep them warm during the cold winter months on behalf of the group which were gratefully accepted.

We have already been able to report on the positive impacts of the new school through improved attendance and attainment for the pupils at the school during construction which is great to see. We will continue to support the school to ensure that these are maintained and to support with education improvement within the school. The village women's group and the local youth club have also been able to use the new school rooms for meetings and club sessions out of school hours.