Pahar Trust Nepal celebrates charitable international development at the Isle of Man’s “Global Village” event

As part of the Isle of Man’s annual national day celebrations on 05 July - "Tynwald Day" - the One World Centre Isle of Man invited local charities engaged in international development to participate in their "Global Village".  

This was set up in the National Arboretum at St John's for that day.  Participating charities, including Pahar Trust Nepal, set up their stands to raise awareness among interested visitors of the work they do in their respective countries.  

These stalls were complemented by food outlets of different nationalities, offering tasty dishes from their respective countries, that drew the crowds.

MaggieYoung, one of PTN's Isle of Man-based Trustees, reported that the PTN stand enjoyed a steady stream of visitors throughout the day - residents as well as visitors to the island.  Some were already familiar with the work of the Trust, while others were interested to learn about it for the first time, including the background of PTN on the Isle of Man.

A display of Nepali artefacts (supplied for the day by Howard Green, President - thank you!) drew a lot of interest.

Bhag Chal is a board game with similarities to draughts, involving tigers and goats.

Information at the stand acknowledged the significant involvement of the Isle of Man over the years in relation to PTN's projects. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and to those who kindly donated to Pahar Trust Nepal too.