A Marathon Effort

One of our major supporters, Iman Ghadzi, CEO of education company GrowYourAgency.com, has challenged himself to run a marathon with just 14 days training.

The money he raises will help kick off our 30 for 30 Appeal which officially launches in January 2021 and aims to raise £50,000 to refurbish 30 Early Development Childhood classrooms in Nepal. The Appeal will celebrate 30 years since we built our first school in the mid-western foothills.

In 2019, Iman and his company worked closely with us to fund two separate projects in Parbat District and the Baglung Municipality, resulting in the construction of two brand new schools and enabling more than 600 students to gain education in a modern, safe and nurturing environment. They are now funding a third project – a six room new construction project at Shree Swadharma in Parbat started this Autumn.

Iman is taking on his challenge today, December 14th in London.  His goal is to raise £10,000 which will be enough to fully refurbish three Early Development Classrooms and he’s already raised more than £9,400!  

Iman (middle) with GYA team in Nepal, Dec. 2019