2.6 Challenge

The 2.6 Challenge

From Sunday 26 April we will be joining the 2.6 challenge to help Pahar Trust Nepal in these difficult times. All you need to do is to come up with an activity based around the number 2.6 or 26 that suits your skills and to complete it from or after the 26 April.

What challenge will you do?

It is entirely up to you souse your imagination and find something creative. You could:

1.     Run 26km around your garden or your house

2.     Do 26 star jumps or burpees

3.     Run, cycle, walk or hop for 2.6km

4.     Run up and down your stairs 26 times or climb to 26km

5.     Do26 ‘keepie uppies’ or even 2.6 hrs of them!

6.     Take part in a 2.6-hour dance-a-thon

7.     Juggle for 26 minutes

8.     Donate £26 or whatever you can afford

It is your challenge so the choice is yours. Once you have your challenge in mind all you need to do is:

1.     Click here and decide whether you want to donate directly or set yourself a challenge by setting up a Just Giving fundraising page

2.     Next, ask your friends and family to sponsor you and challenge them to get involved as well

3.     On or after 26 April, complete your challenge

4.     Share a photo or video of your challenge onSocial Media (if you can) with #TwoPointSixChallenge and tag Pahar Trust Nepal as well so we can celebrate your achievements with you 

We hope you will join in the 2.6 Challenge and help us to continue to support the rural communities in Nepal.