We know that a safe and secure building alone does not provide quality education. This requires engaged enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. Therefore, our relationship with our schools does not end once the construction is completed.

We take a holistic approach to supporting communities to raise the standards of the education provided and a key element of this is to develop and improve the standard of teaching within schools.  We deliver a variety of professional development programmes in Nepal to support and train teachers while working with schools to provide additional resources and equipment to enhance education.

In 2012 we co-published the handbook "Better Classrooms Better Learning" (available in either Nepali or English) with Global Action Nepal (GAN) and The British Council.  The handbook provided information on good practice with practical ideas provided for implementation through child-friendly activities to promote learning, inclusiveness, creativity and independence.  

We work with other NGOs in Nepal and education experts in the UK to identify the strengths, aspirations and opportunities for development within schools and a working to develop clusters of schools to share ideas, best practice and provide peer-to-peer support for teachers. By taking this approach we are seeking to build a network of schools that will encourage each other to aspire for improved education and attainment. 

Our approach is aligned with the spirit of the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Education's School Sector Development Plan 2016-2023 - and in particular with its stated core dimensions of Equity, Quality andEfficiency (see page v and also page 17).

We train teachers

Engaged, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers that provide quality education.

Teacher Training & Resource Improvements.

Working with education professionals from the UK and Nepal we have delivered a wide variety of training to our schools in collaboration with GAN including;

  • Early Years Education
  • ICT in the Classroom
  • Leadership and Performance Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Team Building
  • Plus many others

With improved access to power through solar generation and increasing internet connectivity we are working with our schools to provide quality digital learning equipment without the need for major redevelopment. A laptop, video projector and internet connection can enable a school to access a wide variety of educational recourses to the classroom to help bring learning to life. However, we also understand that there is a need to work with teachers and schools to make the most of these resources and to embed them within the education practice of the school.

Kihun Basic School

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Early Years Teacher Training

A half-day training session to enhance storytelling and learning in early years teaching through the use of hand puppets.


Team Building and Leadership

Coming Soon


School Management Workshops

A series of training workshops was held over five days inApril 2018 at Global Action Nepal’s residential training centre in Chunikhel, Kathmandu.


Since 1993 WE'VE raiseD OVER:


Our work to improve the lives of the children and families of Nepal is made possible by the amazing support that we receive from our donors & funders. We do not receive any core government funding & rely on the generosity of our supporters.