Oyam Memorial Hall

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We deliver 4-6 new construction projects per year along with a variety of smaller refurbishment and facility improvement programmes.

Communities are welcome to apply for support at any time and we have a very long waiting list of projects with a current estimated cost of over £6,000,000. In order to support the communities most in need we carry out site visits and assessments for each application and use this to prioritise the projects which helps to ensure that we are able to direct our funding to those communities that will benefit the most from our help. Schools must subscribe to the ethos of The Pahar Trust through ensuring that the school will be cared for by the community after completion and that they will show a willingness to continuously strive for high educational standards. 

To ensure full support for a new school, communities are required to provide a contribution to the cost of the project. This is not always a financial contribution and includes; providing locally sourced materials, supporting the transport of materials to site, providing labour during construction or breaking stone for foundations. This approach helps to ensure that the projects are valued by the community and helps to ensure that they are utilised and maintained after completion. The level of contribution varies depending on the project but is usually in the region of 20% of the total construction cost.

In most cases, teachers at PTN schools are paid for by the Nepali government. It is our policy not to impose educational ideas and restrictions on the schools we have built. However, we request that school representatives agree and sign up to a set of principles regarding child welfare, inclusive education and school ownership to ensure that all students are able to receive a high-quality education regardless of their background or beliefs.

If the conclusions of this survey are positive a final decision is made to place the project on the list of prospective new schools. At this stage a full assessment is then carried out to establish the estimated cost of the project along with detailed design drawings. Once the cost of a project has been determined, the most challenging task of securing funding for the project can begin.

Once a project is completed it is handed over to the people of the village with an official opening ceremony attended by the Pahar Trust Nepal members and supporters, including donors for the project where applicable. Opening ceremonies are a way of the local community showing their appreciation to the Trust. Hundreds attend the ceremonies which can last for several hours and include speeches, school tours and many forms of entertainment. They are wonderful occasions.

We also deliver a significant maintenance programme and ensure that all of our schools are repaired and renovated on a regular basis to ensure they are in good condition both from a structural and aesthetic perspective. Although the school community is entirely responsible for the daily maintenance and upkeep of the school, due to the severe weather in the country, and following the earthquake in 2015, renovations are sometimes required to ensure that the school continues to provide a safe and inspiring educational environment.

Bijaya Basic School

Building a new, 3-room school and toilet block to replace those damaged by the 2015 earthquake. Bijaya Basic School is located about 1 hour from Pokhara, has 43 students, 8 teachers and runs from nursery to year 7.


Shree Gyan Prakash School

To provide a science lab, computer room and meeting hall as well as enabling more classes to be run each day for 320 students.


Shree Himalaya Saraswati

In September 2016, Tamu Dhee UK approached PTN to support the construction of a new school in Khading.


Shree Himalaya, Mauja, Kaski

Pahar Trust was approached by the community of Mauja, Kaski for support to replace their existing school buildings for 150 students.


Shree Ramkot Secondary

During the 2015 earthquake the existing two storey building at Ramkot were destroyed.


Tarkang Community Health Centre

The Community Health Centre, Tarkang was funded by PTN trustee Dick Crowther and friends in memory of his wife Gillian.


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Our work to improve the lives of the children and families of Nepal is made possible by the amazing support that we receive from our donors & funders. We do not receive any core government funding & rely on the generosity of our supporters.

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